GARDENING BY THE MOON: Brown Patch in Turf!

Is your yard turning brown for no apparent reason?

On my last visit to Pomona, I talked with several homeowners at the HOA meeting that are experiencing problems with their turf browning due to all the recent heavy rains from Harvey and since Harvey.  These wet conditions have made your yard susceptible to brown patch disease.  This disease starts as a circular area or irregular brown patches in the turf and as it continues to rain, it quickly spreads to the entire yard. 

If your grass is browning and thinning, treat with a fungicide for turf that you can purchase from a local garden supply store.   Make sure brown patch control is listed on the label.

As long as it keeps raining, turn your irrigation controller to the “off” position.  More water will make the disease spread faster.  If your yard gets dry, water only in the morning so the grass can dry quickly during the day.

The fungicide will control this disease if you stop watering and the rain ends.  If heavy rains keep coming your way after treating, wait 10 to 14 days and treat again.  Do not fertilize your yard until the grass recovers.   Do not be discouraged if you do not see recovery quickly.  Your turf is bermudagrass with underground rhizomes, so if the disease is treated, your turf should recover in the spring.  Due to the severity of the disease, if brown areas are still present at spring green-up, some re-sodding or seeding may be necessary!  But do not be in a hurry to do that this fall!