Spring Gardening by Dr. Robert E. Moon

The weather has started to change from winter to the promise of spring.  I saw my first Mayfly the other day and we have already experienced some temperatures in the high 80’s.  So it is not too early to begin preparing your yard for spring and summer.

Now is a good time to trim all the freeze damage off all of your shrub and vines.  This will allow the plants to grow back without any dead or discolored branches or leaves.  At the same time, if you have ornamental grasses in your yard, cut them back to a height of 6 inches. 

Fertilize all of your beds to encourage vigorous new growth. 

With the recent rains, keep your automatic irrigation system turned “off”.  No extra water is needed at this time.

  • Pull all weeds from beds and tree rings.  Add double ground, dyed-brown, hardwood mulch to freshen appearance.  By maintaining 2 inches of mulch, you will be providing great growing conditions for your plants, reduce water use and make it easier to remove those pesky weeds.  Remember, no red mulch.  Brown will provide a more natural appearance.

  • Since I do not know anyone that likes to pull weeds, before March 15, apply a pre-emergent weed control to your planting beds and turf.  This pre-emergent will help control all spring and early summer weeds.  Apply Preen to planting beds and Halts to your turf.  Follow all label directions when applying.  You will find that this treatment will help you avoid pulling all those weeds.

  • If you have planting containers in your landscape, cultivate the soil in the pots and add new soil so you can plant those flowering treasures to add color and beauty to your yard.

Take advantage of these early, beautiful spring days and get outside and enjoy your yard!