We Create Community!

What makes our community different from any around town?  I'm glad you asked.  Here's why:

At Pomona we create community living.  We are different from other communities because we bring back the nostalgic feel of community that you don’t really see much of anymore.  It’s neighbors doing life together—through the good and the bad times. The culture of community here is strong. People move here because they want to know their neighbors, they want to make friends, and they want to be active and social. There is a great sense of togetherness and belonging that you just don’t see in other neighborhoods.

Your HOA team—both the General Manager and Lifestyle manager--promotes a culture of community by investing in the lives of our residents. We live it out with them. Neighbors become our family. We help neighbors when they are struggling, connect them to others who are walking through similar situations. We know people by name, their children’s name, their interests, and what sports their kids play.  We are authentic and relational, which builds trust with the neighbors and the HOA team.  CLICK HERE to enjoy a video we created to help show you what we are talking about!