Boo Baskets: You've Been Booed!!!

Boo baskets start this Monday, October 1 so keep an eye on your front door!!!  Getting "boo-ed" is a fun Halloween tradition where a neighbor will leave a fun basket of goodies on another neighbor's door step.  There will be a note on what to do next after you get "boo-ed".  Make sure to share all your fun pics on the private Homeowners Facebookpage.  See below for the print outs in case you need them.  Have fun!!!

Below is what to do once you have been booed! Please make sure to print this sheet AND the We’ve Been Booed sign to place in the basket when you boo someone. Once you’ve been booed, post the sign on your window or door immediately so prevent double booing and to help spread the boo love!

Boo poem and action list.jpg