The following perennials, annuals and ornamental grasses will add color and interest to your yard and garden this summer. 


1.      Lavender – Hardy perennial in the mint family providing deep purple color,  blooms spring to fall, grows 12-18 inches in height, thrives in full sun, fragrance is a deterrent to small rodents

2.      Pink Skullcap – Hardy perennial with small leaves and pink flowers; blooms spring to fall, grows 8 to 10 inches in height, loves the Texas sun and is drought resistant, great in rock gardens or as a border planting

3.      Turk’s Cap – Hardy perennial that is heat and drought resistant, small red flowers in summer through fall, can grow up to 3 feet in height, attractive butterflies

4.      Salvia ‘May Night’ or ‘Rose Marvel’ – Hardy perennial that is heat and drought resistant, this variety has deep purple blooms with silvery gray foliage, blooms summer to fall, attractive to butterflies and resistant to rabbits

5.      Rudbeckia ‘Goldsturm’ – Native Texas perennial, Goldsturm is a compact variety of Black-eyed Susan, loves the sun, deep gold daisy-like bloom with brown center, blooms throughout the summer, grows up to 3 feet in height, showy color for mass planting or planted with other perennials

Honorable Mentions:  Butterfly Bush, Lantana, Katie Ruellia, Purple Coneflower,  Autumn Joy Sedum, Angelina Sedum, Russian Sage


1.      Angelonia – Vigorous grower in Texas sun, drought resistant, spiky bloom comes in a variety of colors from white to purple and can be planted as a mix, grows 12 to 14 inches in height, blooms summer into fall

2.      Cora Vinca – Flowers profusely from summer into fall, comes in many solid colors and mixes, mounds to a height of 12 to 14 inches, Cora variety is resistant to root disease

3.      Scaevola – Heat and drought tolerant, blooms can be pink, purple or white, low growing so great as a border planting or spilling over the edge of a container

4.      Zinnia – This hardy annual comes in a variety of colors mixes and heights depending upon variety, east to grow and always a favorite in the Texas garden, blooms summer into fall

5.      Mandevilla or Dipladenia – Beautiful and graceful vining annual, blooms can be white, pink or red, great for planting in beds, containers or fences, needs some protection from late afternoon sun

Honorable Mentions:  Marigolds, Salvia, Hibiscus, Pentas, Portulaca (Rose Moss)


1.      Foxtail or Asparagus Fern– Foxtail fern adds a spiky green interest  and Asparagus fern adds a wispy green interest to the landscape when mixed with colorful annuals or perennials, vigorous grower, moderately drought tolerant

2.      Strapleaf Caladiums – Strapleaf varieties can be planted in sun areas, variety of leaf colors, can be planted from bulbs in early summer

3.      Sweet Potato Vine – Vigorous grower that will require trimming, thrives in Texas sun and very drought resistant, lime green and deep purple foliage makes a big impact in the landscape for few dollars

4.      Sun Coleus – Easy to grow annual that also provides impact to your landscape for few dollars, for sun areas plant the sun varieties, offers stunning colored foliage in a variety of colors

5.      Purple Fountain Grass – Great background plant due to 3’ height, provides graceful purple foliage with a lighter purple bloom, requires little maintenance

Honorable Mentions:  Dianella (Flax Lily), Persian Shield, Creeping Jenny, Licorice Plant


1.      Miscanthus – This grass is a hardy perennial that his both heat and drought resistant, narrow green or variegated leaves, blooms make a bold fall statement in the landscape, grows up to 3 feet in height

2.      Mexican Feather Grass – This grass is both heat and drought resistant, wispy green color in the spring turning to a golden brown in the fall, easy to grow and requires little maintenance, grows up to 2 feet in height

3.      Muhly Grass – Hardy perennial that is heat and drought resistant, Regal Mist variety provides a beautiful, feathery pink bloom in the fall, easy to grow with little maintenance required, can grow up to 4 feet in height

4.      Inland Sea Oats – Hardy perennial grows well in shade, partial sun or sun areas, oat-like seed heads turn brown during summer and fall, birds enjoy eating seed heads, can grow up to 2 feet in height

5.      Blue Love Grass – Hardy Texas perennial that is very drought tolerant, blue, narrow, foliage and tan seed heads provide interest throughout the year; grows up to 2 feet in height