Cardboard Boat Race Boat Building Basics

If you are reading this you are considering the challenge of entering the Pomona Cardboard Boat Race! Be sure to check out the list of allowed materials before beginning construction. Other than that, we encourage you to get creative, both with your design and your decorations or theme. Remember we have four awards: Speed, Design/Creativity, Team Spirit, and the Titanic (for the best and most dramatic sinking) award. Most of all: HAVE FUN!!

CONSTRUCTION Allowed Materials

·         Corrugated cardboard from appliance or grocery stores

·         Cardboard “blocks” from furniture stores

·         Cardboard tubes from carpet/linoleum stores

·         Fastening material - Duct or masking tape, Liquid nails adhesive, Latex paint, varnish

Materials NOT Allowed

·         Wood

·         Styrofoam

·         Plastic sheathing

·         Sona-tubes or coated cardboard

·         Silicone, wax or tar

·         Caulking Compounds

·         Metal

·         Staple, clamps or screws

The entire boat must be built of cardboard o Only exceptions are the paddles and decorations o Decorations are allowed – as long as they don’t affect structural strength or buoyancy • Use cardboard boxes, “blocks” or carpet tubes • No pre-treated cardboard allowed • No wood, plastic, or fiberglass • No caulking compounds or two-part/mixed adhesives • No wrapping in duct tape, plastic or fiberglass • Waterproof the boat with varnish, paint or polyurethane • The crew compartment cannot be enclosed • Every crew member must wear a life jacket • Costumes are allowed to enhance your theme

DESIGN TIPS Set your goal: Design, Speed, Looks, all three??? Sketch out your design Flat bottoms, sit-to-paddle, are the easiest Rudders help keep you straight but make turning difficult and add complexity to your design Long boats go fast but are harder to turn Short boats are difficult to keep straight Reinforce the area where you sit or kneel Best Length: 8-12 feet Best Height: 18”

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